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Furniture Cleaning and Maintenance


Some tips about furniture cleaning and maintenance

In daily life, housewives often need to do some cleaning and maintenance of office furniture in order to keep them glossy. But you may not know that some wrong cleaning and maintenance methods will do a potential harm to your furniture. Then it will cause some irreparable problems to your furniture. .

Some practical tactics on maintenance

triumph furniture maintenance video

triumph furniture maintenance video

A. Wipe the tables and chairs with a piece of cloth

1. Make sure whether the cloth used is clean or not.

2. Turn the cloth upside down or change another one after cleaning.

3. Do not be lazy and the repeat using the dirty cloth for many times, or it will do some damage to the color and lustre on the surface of the furniture.

B. Choose the right cleaner and nurse agent

Both spray wax and leather cleaner can be used to maintain the brightness of the furniture. The former mainly aims at a variety of wood, polyester, paint, fire blankets and other materials of furniture. The latter is applied to all kinds of wood, glass, wood or synthetic materials such as the United States-resistant panels of furniture, especially for mixing materials of the furniture.


1. Shake it first before the nursing spray wax and leather cleaner are used.

2. Hold the spray cans straightly with a 45-degree angle, so that the liquid ingredient in the container is completely released without pressing the container.

3. Slightly spray the liquid on the cloth at a distance of about 15 cm.

4. Remember to wash and dry the cloth after your cleaning.

As for the fabric furniture, such as fabric sofa, leisure cushion, you can clean them with carpet cleaner. Notice:

1. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt

2. Wipe the furniture with a piece of wet cloth that has a little carpet cleaner sprayed on.

Avoid the four mistakes as follows,

1. Don’t use rough materials or rated clothes for cleaning.

①It is wiser to use towel, cotton cloth, cotton goods or the wet dishcloth with the good water imbibition such as flannel cloth to brush furniture.

②Try to avoid using some rough materials or rated clothes and avoid the scratch on the furniture.


2. Don’t wipe the furniture with a dry cloth.

Dirt is a formation of fibre, sand soil, silicon. A lot of people are used to wiping the furniture with a dry piece of cloth, but actually these tiny particles will damage the surface of the furniture in the chafing.


3. Don’t use soapy water, washing-up liquid or water for cleaning.

①Soapy water, washing-up liquid can not clean out the dirt or the silicon on the surface before burnishing. The surface of the furniture will become bleak because of the acid in the soapy water and washing-up liquid.

②Remember not to keep your wet cloth on the furniture for too long so as to avoid the moisture even if some furniture may be paint in piano lacquer.


4. Spray wax for house furnishing can not be used to clean the leather chairs

Many housewives are always mistaken by the false instruction of the house furnishing wax. Furniture sellers are clear that Spray wax for house furnishing can only be used to spray on the surface of the furniture but not the leather. Leather, in fact, is the skin of animals. Once the wax is sprayed on it, the pore will be blocked and shorten the usage age of the sofa. In addition, a misuse of the wax for brightness will create some mist spots on the leather.

Renovate the surface damage

1. Wipe out the watermark on the painted surface. For example, when you put a cup of tea on a table, an irritating watermark will appear on the surface. But how can you wipe it out?

① You need to put a piece of wet cloth on the watermark and iron it with an iron.

② But the cloth should not be too thin or the temperature of the iron should not be too high.


2. Wipe out the ironing mark on the painted surface. Wooden furniture is more likely to get a ironing mark on the surface. But don’t worry. It can be wiped out in time. But if the mark is too deep, iodine and Vaseline can be added to wipe it out.

Tips for cleaning

1. Tea cleaning method

If some dusts are on the furniture, you may put some slightly wet tea in an etamine and wipe the furniture to keep it glossy. Remember to wipe the furniture again with some clean water and keep the furniture free of the tea stains.


2.Milk cleaning method

If milk expired, don’t throw it away, but use it for furniture cleaning. It works well in cleaning the dirt on the wooden furniture if add some milk to the cleaning cloth. This is a really useful method for your cleaning of some leather, painted, marble and polyester plywood furniture. Remember to wipe the furniture again with clean water.


3. Beer cleaning method

Boil some ale of about 1400ml and mix up with about 14g sugar and 28g beewax. When the mixture cools, you may dip a piece of soft cloth into it and wipe the wooden furniture. Please remember to wipe out the residue with some clean water and dry it.


4. Vinegar cleaning method

Mix the vinegar and hot water of the same proportion and use the mixture to wipe the furniture slightly. If the stains are hard to be wiped out, you may keep the vinegar stay longer on the stains and wipe them out softly. Actually, vinegar can melt the stains and keep them out from the surface of the furniture. This is really a good method for the cleaning of some Annatto furniture as well as some other furniture that have been contaminated by oil spots.


5. Lemon cleaning method

If the polished or painted wooden furniture has been ironing or pressing, some lemon slices or lemon juice can be applied to wipe them out. Afterwards, remember to wipe the furniture again with a piece of soft cloth that has dipped into the hot water. Don’t forget to dry it at last.

6. Toothpaste cleaning method


The white paint on the furniture will turn yellow day by day, which will cause some discomforts. So you may apply some toothpaste and tooth powder on the surface via a sheet. Toothpaste plays an important part in blenching. But don’t wipe too hard when you are doing some cleaning, because the toothpaste friction agent will grind off the paint and damage the surface of the furniture.


8. Egg white cleaning method

Time goes by, the stains on the white sofas irritate everyone. At this moment, you may dip a sponge into the egg white and wipe the stains on the leather sofas again and again. This is a good method for the cleaning of some leather furniture because egg white has a burnishing function.


Leather furniture

1. Greasy dirt, sweat, water and scrap are two big enemies to leather furniture. You can clean the furniture with a piece of dry cloth dipped into the leather cleaner but not clean water. Please be alert to prevent your children, cat or dog from scraping the surface of the furniture and try not to lie on the sofa with a bare back.


2. Leather furniture needs to be cleaned at regular intervals. The key is to keep the leather breathing and avoid anything block the pore of the leather. Cotton cloth and silk cloth can be used to clean it before you spray some pledge or wax on the furniture. You can use some neutral soapy water and a piece of cotton cloth to clean them if you have left some oil spots on the furniture. Don’t clean it with clean water, some leather cleaner and a piece of textile cloth is required to stop the aging of the furniture.



3. Keep the furniture away from the sun. Leather furniture should avoid the sun or heat source, or it will become vestigial.


1. The maintenance of the wooden furniture

Wooden furniture should be kept away from the high temperature and dry air. Wooden furniture is made of natural timber with a botanic feature. So it is unwise to put the wooden furniture under the sun or facing the air conditioner. If the furniture is set near the window, then you need to draw back the curtain to keep the sun away. At the same time, keep the wooden furniture away from the heat and water in daily life.

A.Wipe the furniture often and reject the corrosion.

People who love clean, they are more likely to wipe their furniture every day. But one thing you need to pay much attention to is that lye, disinfect solution and hot water can’t be used to wash the cleaning cloth. As for the dirt on the sofa, you need t clean it with a duster but not alcohol.

B.Spray some wax at regular intervals

It is very important to spray some wax on the furniture. Generally speaking, furniture should be clean at every season. First, wipe the dirt on the surface of the furniture and spray some special wax. Second, rub the leather with a piece of soft cloth to keep it glossy and strengthen the resistance to the moisture and sun.


2. The maintenance of the Fabric furniture

Try to keep the furniture clean and keep it away from the sweat, grease spots and water. Spray some dry-cleaning on the stains and blow away the power on the fabric when the foam gets dry. Do some dry-clean at the first few times, but you need to clean your furniture in washing. After all, some poisonous chemicals will leave on the furniture and shorten the usage age if you keep dry cleaning.


3. The maintenance of stainless steel, electroplate, aluminium furniture

The surroundings of the furniture should be dry and ventilated. Keep the furniture away from the acid and soda. It is wiser to wipe the furniture with a piece of dry cloth.


4. The maintenance of the glass fiber reinforced plastics and acry furniture.

Avoid exposing the furniture to the sun and high temperature. Avoid impact under pressure.


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