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product parameters:
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  • Item:Womb-Chair(TC-084F)
  • Designer:Eero Saarinen
  • Struct:
    • KD Structure
  • Size: CHAIR: 100*86*92 ; FOOTREST: 66*53*44
  • Material(Optional):Leather/Fabric/cashmere
  • Apply TO:Living Room Chair
  • Country of origin:ShenZhen China
  • Custom-made:Custom-made is also for buding companies,design companies,bars,hotles,hospitals
  • Guarantee: 2~5 year
  • Freight: Sea transportation
  • Lead time: 15~30 days
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  • Womb Chair

    Unique shape, with a personalized design work, coupled with well-designed chairs matched with stainless steel foot pedal, so that more of this product of human nature. Sit comfortable, elegant and generous, so as to achieve mitigation troubles, psychological pressure, the effect of fatigue. Sense of security is also old, and more is a kind of fashion taste!
    Product is suitable for a wide range, for hotels, villas, coffee chairs, hotels, clubs, villas, living room, lounge and other common leisure chair!


  • -Polished stainless steel fame.
    -Woolen fabric upholstered padding with high density foam.
    -Soft and comfortable cushions.
    -Emothinal comfort and a sense of security like in the mother's womb.
    -Various color to choose .



  • Design concept

    Designer : Eero Saarinen

    Womb chair Description (Describe): womb chair: This piece of furniture in challenging the traditional concepts, giving a strong impulse to bring the visual power. Body wrapped in a soft chair cashmere cloth. There is a sitting chair and gently embraced by the feeling of comfort and provide comprehensive security, the same as in the uterus. A proven product by mid-century modernism. Thus become a true modern classic! Womb chair inside a glass steel, casting out from the mold, a solid material, will not be deformed, will not crack, perfect quality so you can use it! Goods into the wool flannel surface is the (optional other cloth), the entire surface of the product smooth, not wrinkled. Smooth and straight stitched smooth. Beautiful lines, beautiful stitching, even natural!

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