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  • Item:Tomato-Chair(TC-024P)
  • Designer:Eero Aarnio
  • Struct:
  • Size:140*113*70
  • Material(Optional):Fiberglass
  • Apply TO:Patio Chair
  • Country of origin:ShenZhen China
  • Custom-made:Custom-made is also for buding companies,design companies,bars,hotles,hospitals
  • Guarantee: 2~5 year
  • Freight: Sea transportation
  • Lead time: 15~30 days
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  • Tomato Chair

    The tomato is much more than a chair, it is a piece of sculpture. To quote Eero Aarnio: "A product idea can come about in many different ways and here is one of them. I realized that Pastil Chair floats and carries the person who sits in it in water but it is very rickety. If there were three items like two great armrests and the back of the chair would be stable, and this is how the idea of the Tomato chair was born. The name reflects its looks: looking at the chair from the front there are two round shapes i.e. two circles like in the word tOmatO."



  • -FRP materials, surface treatment was smooth, uniform lateral curvature, corners rounded.
    -The chairs are made of fiberglass material, forming a one-time use of the model, there are no cracks, to ensure product quality, well-designed seats but also reflects the human. The unique shape of the three tomato, modern, stylish, beautiful and practical. With personalized designs.
    -This chair is comfortable、elegant、generous、fashionable and personalized furniture, reflects the people's good taste. Wide application and can be used for leisure chair, coffee chairs, hotels, clubs, villas, and other common living room lounge chair.

  • Design concept

    Designer :  Eero Aarnio

    At first sight, the Tomato chair looks complicated, but the second look shows an intelligent combination of 3 circles with same diameter, two of them being armrests, one stretched to a comfortable back, and even a fourth half circle up side down giving the chair a consequent seat


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