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  • Item:Focus-2-Chair(TC-034P)
  • Designer:Eero Aarnio
  • Struct:
  • Size:58*61*78
  • Material(Optional):Fiberglass
  • Apply TO:Patio Chair
  • Country of origin:ShenZhen China
  • Custom-made:Custom-made is also for buding companies,design companies,bars,hotles,hospitals
  • Guarantee: 2~5 year
  • Freight: Sea transportation
  • Lead time: 15~30 days
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  • Focus 2 Chair

    Aarnio always is interested in learning about new ways of production and seeing , if they are appropriate to realize his ideas of design – a maximum liberty of formation.
    So he found the “rotation moulding” – a way of working with plastic (in this case MDPE medium density polyethylene) which offers mostly the same possibilities for design as fibreglass, used for the Pastil Chair or Ball Chair but much more cheaper in production getting a high quality result. This interesting combination Aarnio wanted to try out immediately. The chair Focus 2 was born.

  • The Fiberglass or ABS plastic are available
    There are various colors available.


  • Design concept

    Eero Aarnio is a well-known designer in Northern Europe and Finland , one of the most famous contemporary designers. His colorful career has provided a wide range of high quality and high volume work. World-renowned for creating many of the design work, he has established leadership position in the international design of one of the important architects and designers in the 1960s. His designs have a strong romantic big and strong personal style, like a fairy tale from the spirit world magic. Eero Aarnio's furniture design began in the traditional furniture, such manufacture is by maintaining a traditional furniture design program and to use local materials, mainly to the same as other traditional furniture, such as bamboo and rattan furniture in China. However, Since the 20th centuryEero Aarnio began to experiment with plastic, he made an important decision, bid farewell to the legs, back and nodes constitute a form of traditional furniture design. In contrast with the natural texture of wood, he used a distinct, staining of synthetic materials so that people get a lot of fun. Eero Aarnio 's exciting creative design, in particular, the ball chair (1966), soap chair (1968) and foam chair (1968), whether past or present, these works have been widely used for the filming and publicity, and been given the spirit of the age characteristics.

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